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The Kipling Balance - What is The Kipling Balance?

Step into a world of profound insights inspired by Rudyard Kipling's timeless poem, ""If"" Our host and interviewer, Pablo Isla, Chairman of IE International Advisory Board and former CEO of Inditex, leads you on a captivating journey.

In each episode, we welcome a distinguished CEO from some of the world's most influential companies. What makes these conversations truly unique is that our guest CEOs choose specific verses from Kipling's ""If"" as the focal point for our discussion, delving into topics that span business, leadership, innovation, and personal development.

Filmed in the IE Tower Auditorium, students are invited to join the filming. Here, they have the exclusive opportunity to watch the interviews and pose questions to Pablo Isla and the guest, creating a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Stay tuned for the new episodes!

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